John Omar Serial Builder

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An app to learn languages with your favorite movies and shows using spaced repetition and active listening. I built the app on top of Electron and Vue.


Bitfountain was an online coding bootcamp that specialized in teaching iOS development. I was the CEO. Over 100,000 students enrolled in our courses.

Tic Tac Toe in Elm

I created this little game to learn Elm, a functional language with type checking used for front end development.

iOS Crop Interface

An extendable tool to crop photos in an iOS app. Shade out unfocused areas, add handles to the corners of the crop border, and keep the aspect fit of the image. Coded in Objective-C.

Syllable Counter

Count the number of syllables in a word or series of words. I built this so I could get a crude intro to natural language processing.


Professional grade video editing straight from your iPhone. I built the early versions of the iOS app in Objective-C. The company was later purchased by Vimeo.